Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that I would wake up to the powerful flow of the crocodile river and be situated one street away from the Kruger National Park? Who would have thought that I would find myself based in a one street town so small that when you are trying to do the simplest of tasks online that you soon come to a realization that the entire town might all be online as well. Hahahaah, I found this to be hilarious honestly, its times like these that reminds us that no matter where we are in life or how perfect we portray to the world how our lives are, we still face challenges, no matter how hilarious.

A few months ago I turned a part time stream of income into something more permanent. This has been a lucrative endeavor despite having to drive 100s of kilometres to buy, at times only one item, but like I said its a lucrative endeavor. The more I experience, the more my mind begins to swell up with ideas to write about. Also, finally being around kilometres upon kilometres of luscious greenery has put me at ease from trying to make ends meet these past difficult four years. At times its best to pick up and leave a town or situation that is just not working for us and find another, where things might work out a little better. As we grow older and our responsibilities begin to pile up so too does our decision making. Some become fearful and stop living, not me buddy. Being a free spirit this I find to be easy as I pack and leave within a whiff. Sure, I too have responsibilities, but not as huge as most people. I believe that the less I have, the less I have to think about. Having unnecessary stuff clutter my mind and personal space is just not for me. I believe in simple living, surrounded by nature and enjoying the natural beauty that God has blessed our planet and its inhabitants with. The rat race and being in competition with those around you turns you into a greedy and selfish human. Taking a step back, re evaluating and de-cluttering, begins to turn your life around more positively, even in a small way, I believe. Just like we usually say that a little respect and kindness goes a long way, so too does a little de-cluttering, and in turn gives you the freedom to carry less burdens.

I am grateful for the journey that I have been on, at times I honestly just felt like ending it all, but I continued, even just a day at a time with a little prayer, and today, some four years later, I find myself in a better place, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. There has been tons upon tons of challenges that I have had to endure, as you would read from my posts that follow, but I have made it, so too can you. Life becomes unbearable at times, even having every material possession we ever hoped for we still feel that its all just too much. My advice, de-clutter, make your life simpler, step away from toxic people, move somewhere new, and trust me you will find that your life begins to take a turn more positively.

Have a Great week!

One Love 🙂

Steamy Affairs

For some reason these past few days I have really been missing my late sister. This morning after my daily waking and prayer time I dosed off into a deep sleep. I began having a dream about my sister who has passed on. She looked amazingly good with an impressive glow. She looked at me, smiled and by the time I got to her with the hopes of taking a picture, she had disappeared.

I woke up again at around 10 and felt so full of life, like I am waiting for huge things to begin taking shape in my life. I then went through the motions and just felt the need to weep, to weep for my late sister as I miss her and also for all the suffering I have endured in my life, and lastly for the journey ahead, that awaits my presence and attention.

I had in recent weeks made another move and now find myself living over 450km away from Johannesburg, my city. Life is really chilled over here in Mpumalanga and I totally enjoy being here. The luscious greenery, the waterways, the hippos moaning near the crocodile river, within the Kruger National Park, of which I live only but one street away.

The distances covered between Komatipoort where I am now based to Barberton, Nelspruit, Whiteriver, Tonga, Matsulu, Ka-Nyamanzane and Mananga is incredible, at times yes, other times not really as my back begins to ache and my long legs begin to cramp. A bigger vehicle, possibly a 4×4 is needed soon. Business has improved, new contacts have been built and things are beginning to take shape slowly but steadily.

We are now more settled in and are here to stay. Besides the current business my business partner and I are running, other business opportunities have sprung up like flowers during Spring time. Its that time where I am prepared and the right opportunities seem to be coming my way. I feel that my struggle is over, like a huge boulder has been lifted off my life. A boulder so heavy that it had weighed me down all these 40 plus years of my life. You cannot begin to understand the zone I now find myself in. I sleep comfortably in a big and warm bed, I do not overthink about my next move or what my backup plan will be tomorrow when things fail again. I now know that things will workout more smoothly and at times am a little hard on myself as I am so used to struggling to have gotten even the most simplest of things done. These past few years have been even more difficult and I stress on this because as we age, the struggles seem to become more challenging. You might be thinking that everyone goes through struggles and I agree to an extent, but some of us have gone through some severe punishment. For me this has mainly been curses put on my life by extended family and jealous people who did not want to see me prosper in life. From a religious point of view some will have their own opinion about what I am sharing, but from my spiritual understanding, my struggles go deeper than religious books. This can be argued, but only I know what I have been through.

When I say that I feel that my life is taking a turn for the best, you better believe what I am saying. My time has come for ALL the Blessings that were stolen from me, to be given back and a few more added. Its my time…

I have in recent weeks reconnected with someone I had met online, but I have now made a decision to fully walk away from a possible toxic person who does not deserve someone as good as me. Upon making that decision I had met someone else within a short span of time. We clicked very well, spoke for hours on hand, but within a week the cracks began to show. Her needy behavior just turned me off. We spoke about it, but I just stopped communicating and left her hanging. A week went by and suddenly I receive a 5 minute plus voice message from her, I asked my friend to listen to it. Apparently many things were said, including a negative remark about my spirituality. Like I said, I just left her hanging…

The best decision for me right now is to continuing doing me and enjoying my life. When the time is right, I am sure that I would unexpectedly bump into a good soul.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care