Over The Moon

Today I can safely say that I`m Over The Moon. Why you may ask. Well, finally I get to do my first Spanish project. Finally, I get to work in the language I so much feel connected to!

Happy Days ahead 🙂


Farewell My Friend

To me, you were like a Father figure, a Friend and a Confidant. To me, the importance of the time we spent together will always be treasured. Thank you for playing your part in the story of my life, today one chapter has ended, but tomorrow I live to write a Fresh New chapter. As I share these words I am unable to keep tears from streaming down my face, what an impact you have made on my life…

The first time I met you, around two years ago, you immediately reminded me of my late Father. Your clean and tidy ways, not just on yourself but in your home too. You were a stylish man, respectful and well mannered, oh and a good cook too! We shared many laughs, wisdom and the challenges we both faced on our different levels.

Your passing on Friday has really affected me, each day leading up to today has had words flying through my mind as to what I would share about you, but the honest truth is that as brave as I am, I was unable to hold back my tears or get rid of the lump I had in my throat. It was an honour to meet in person the people you always spoke so fondly about. Unty Latiefa, Unty Vera, your nephews, nieces, and extended family and friends. Despite not having the courage to say a few words today, I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to carry your coffin to your grave. Today the closure I got and the impact that you have made on my life will remain with me forever. Almost twenty years ago I was not given the privilege of getting closure at my own Fathers funeral, but today I am Happy that I was awarded that privilege at your funeral.

I will miss you dearly Uncle Jerry, the long chats at the taxi rank every so often on a Sunday morning that led to one or two hour-long conversations. I am glad that God has allowed us to cross paths and that we both played an important part in each others lives.



How often do we come across a quote from a famous individual and are able to relate to the short but impactful words written in a short verse? Strange how we get little lightbulb moments when someone understands our successes or our challenges. The fact that someone somewhere on this planet has come and gone before us, gone through the same things that we are facing and have lived or rather their words live on, in the form of quotes.

Would you like to share the quote that currently resonates with you right now?

Inner Happiness

The strangeness of human nature is that we fail to appreciate what we have until we lose it. Be it the loss of life or the bare necessities such as water and electricity. When we experience losses on any scale we begin to put things into perspective, or rather some of us do. The celebrations of an election won still does not mean that things will change overnight.  Changing peoples mindsets will eventually change their behaviour, but until then, arrogance, poverty, and negativity continue to linger in the air. Uprooting ourselves and moving somewhere else just means that we will have to face new challenges, new mindsets, new forms of poverty, arrogance of a different kind and unruly behaviour on a different level.  The Perfect we seek on the outside is in actual fact found on the inside of us. Be it that we live in a shanty town or in a well off neighbourhood, the true happiness we yearn for is actually found within our own souls.

Look within to find your True Happiness.

One Love


Life happens to us all whether we agree or disagree. Speed bumps, red traffic lights, accidents, misfortune, breaking a nail and bumping your toe are just but a few of life’s challenges that we experience every so often. Some have life easier than others, some are born into wealth and are clueless as to what it means to struggle or lift a finger to get the basics that are needed in life.

Academics who were once upon a time the best in class, tend to fail at the real challenges life presents them with once school, college or university is done. Creatives, on the other hand, are the opposite, bored to death at school only to thrive in the big world. Where if you are given the permission, or decide to remain a rebel and grab life by the throat, learn all the rules, then break them all in a professional way 🙂 realize that the world is our oyster. We master everything that comes our way and get paid for it too…

Double thumbs up to the creatives!

Live The Life Of Your Dreams

It’s important that we do what we’ve always aspired to do for ourselves. Facing our Fears head on and making our dreams a reality, what can be more fulfilling? How many people do you come across who are living with deep regret and anger, because they haven’t fully lived their lives to the fullest, and on their terms? Living the lives their parents wanted for them, and in the process suppressing their own inner desires.

Don’t allow age or financial factors to hold you back from living the life that you’ve honestly been yearning. Give yourself the permission and Go Create, Inspire, Live, Laugh, Learn, Be Yourself and Become an Opportunist leaving no stone Unturned.


Mulled Wine

Not so long ago I was still enjoying the warm weather we were having here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I kid you not a couple of days later it rained for a bit and Bam, the cold crept in like a cat sneaking under your blankets. Flip sake how I dislike the cold, luckily enough its only mornings and evenings having the worst cold chills, the days are still enjoyed with warm sunny and blue skies. Pure Bliss! Well, I`m only human for complaining about the cold. People are usually stunned at the mere fact that I literally grew up in the UK, however, cannot stand the cold weather here in South Africa.

Believe it or not, but the cold over here is way different, it ain’t easy to explain, but its different, also the fact that we don’t have central heating and most of us prefer to keep summer clothing in our wardrobes, lol, defeats the purpose of having winter clothes, I know. At least some of my woolies have been salvaged to keep me insulated on extremely cold days.

Now if you will excuse me, I feel the need to gulp down my very tall glass of Mulled Wine…