Atmospheric Changes

If you are anything like me then sudden changes in the atmosphere affects you too. Most people have no idea that a change is taking place, but as a sensitive being we experience shifts and changes severely. At this moment in time some serious changes are taking place on our planet.

With China putting a stop on purchasing certain metals, these decisions have had a global effect, which the downfall of most countries who were dependent on China’s buying power are now bearing the brunt. A sure mouthful, but the world is definitely changing. Countries are wasting billions on weaponry which is a sure sign that some sort of chaos will soon erupt.

These changes have had a severe effect on one of my businesses to a point that it has come to a complete halt. It feels as if someone had suddenly applied the handbrake and no movement whatsoever is possible.

Having your finger in a few pies, means that whichever business experiences difficulties is then covered by your other investments. It has taken a few years for me to reach this point, but not necessarily a point of sitting back and not having a care in the world, but rather a feeling of not being stressed out of my mind wondering how I would make ends meet. Surely, only life and continuous learning has brought me to this point. A happy moment when I look back at all the hard work I have invested and a long period of not spending too much of my hard earned cash.

Hard lessons have been learnt in the last couple of weeks, but at least I did not lose out financially, but rather lost people who I thought were good friends, life and time has shown me otherwise. Many talk the talk, but when it boils down to action and taking risks, very few will stand by your side fighting like a true soldier. Peoples actions should form an added piece on our course of motivation to complete this puzzle called Destiny.

At times thoughts can play with our decision making and sometimes have a way of wanting lure us back to our last failure. Mind over matter comes into play and having the Will Power to push through these challenges helps us to continue on our path in life.

Food for thought…

Dead Zone

A couple of days ago my world crashed.

Not just any crash, but a domino effect of events that crushed my Goals and Ambitions.

Refining them to dust.

I raged like an out of control forest fire with fire engine bells ringing in the background, and was ready to knock the lights out of someone. Luckily I calmed myself down and listened to the guidance of my intuition. Usually in times of turmoil its almost impossible to listen and act upon such guidance, but I had to, as from past experience I knew that when that switch is turned in my head, there`s no turning back, and this is where my actions become deadly and could lead to the dead zone.

A friend provoked me even further and wanted me to spar with him, yet I knew that if I did, someone might end up in a critical condition. I took a step back, sat on the cars bonnet and took deep breaths, I knew that if I were to get behind that steering wheel, some innocent driver would get the long end of the stick from my burning soul, and that`s not fair.

These past few months I have worked even harder than I have in the last couple of years. Writing has kind of taken a backseat while I work and earn a healthy sum every so often, and in turn place eggs in a few baskets. In some ways it has been profitable and in other ways I keep hearing my parents voices to the sound of “Never go into partnership with anyone, do business on your own.” In many ways than one, I would like to prove them wrong, but people are people and investing in them is a risk just like any investment you dip your toe in.

Trusting people and allowing them in your space is one thing, but them lying or breaking your trust is another thing. I have invested in people who do not pull their weight when its needed, nor do they have the drive and ambition that I have. Surely, every successful entrepreneur have had numerous negative experiences and I am no different. I am hungry to be successful in the ventures I have, and am investing in, and its true that not all of them will go your way, not everyone will be totally honest with you, not everyone keeps to their word, not everyone sees what you see or knows what you know. Being a leader of people is like being the parent that always needs to show and teach your children what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The solution to this is to hire the right people, but even when you do hire them, you are still dealing with humans, what more can I say?

In some way I am glad that everything crashed as I can now calculate how much I have lost in bad investments as well as take a breather, relax and re strategize. I somehow have a bad taste in my mouth, but keep hearing that a certain business venture needs to continue despite the numerous challenges I am faced with. In terms of other ventures, I am now sick and tired of working alongside selfish and demotivated individuals. I have decided to spread my wings and venture into the unknown on my own once again.

Goodbye negative people and experiences

and A

Big Hello to new Adventure…