Energy Shift

This past week has been real crazy for various reasons. Besides the challenges I faced, I also felt something shift within me. A shift that made me see certain people in a new light, cutting them off and out of my life was something that followed.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges which we cannot seem to find reason for, things do not work out, or merely fall apart right in front of our naked eyes. We want answers NOW, but we need to give the situation time to present to us what we need to see and learn from. This is one of the toughest things to do, like they say, easier said than done.

This energy shift has left me slightly drained, but right now I feel on top of the world again.

The Next Chapter

The mixed Emotions and Excitement I have been feeling these past few weeks, even more so these past few days have been on another level. To think that I have been fighting for three long years to get to this point. Not a fistfight if you ever wondered, but more so a fusion of life’s trials and tribulations.

There are times in our lives when all we want is to get to the next level, all we want is not to fail and smooth sail to the top. However, life has a way of chopping our legs down for just a short period of time, to teach us lessons, which will give us the strength that we need to stand firm when we reach the top.

As I now look into my rearview mirror  I realize that back then I was not ready to take the next leg of my journey. How would things have worked out had life given me what I wanted? When we force things to happen, it’s obviously a sign to warn you that it’s not meant to be or Now is not the time.

How often do we go through life trying to force things to happen or find a way to get over a hurdle, only to find out when we have jumped the wall, what we find on the other side is something that shocks us? Something that we are not ready for or something that was not meant for us.

Where I am now and where I was back then surely is in two very different spaces. I now find myself in a space of added Strength, Deeper Understanding, Wisdom and a new Zest for the Next Chapter.

Thanking God for my journey thus far…


Crossed Paths

When we look beyond the superficial we come to realize that every person whom we cross paths with is in actual fact meant to cross paths with us. Being a firm Believer in God I have come to accept that our own trials and tribulations in life become our counseling gift. No need to study to become a psychologist, learn to live long enough and you automatically qualify to help others.

Surely, an academic will debate, argue and disagree until they`re blue in the face. However, in my view and my perspective on the depths of life, I look at life differently. Having studied in a specific field makes you book smart, not street smart or a philosopher on wisdom. Yet, if life has battered you to the ground more times than you can count, and through sheer strength and determination you have gotten up each time. To be honest I think that’s super strength and wisdom gained.

I know I have veered off-topic, I do get carried away sometimes.

A simple meeting of two souls turned into something much bigger than I anticipated. Now, as I look back at all the events that have taken place these last couple of months, a meeting of one family member opened a can of so many opportunities for other family members.

This is just how life works. Whenever there are times when we are going through something, life always sends someone to comfort you, guide you or sometimes just support you through whatever it is that you are going through…

We are meant to Grow through what we go through…


These past few days have been the most stressful since this year began. If you ever had a chance to deal with incompetent government officials, you would be able to relate. The worst feeling is to be sent from pillar to post and it seems like nobody has the answers you need. I mean you work in a reputable position and people look up to you. However, you lack compassion and people skills. If I come to you seeking help with a matter, but you tell me that you cannot help me, where does that leave me?

Luckily the Universe made a way for me and sent the right people on my path. Today is the third day spent at this government office and I was amazed at how quick my things got sorted out. From the time I entered right up to the time I finished, 15 minutes, tops. This type of speedy service ONLY happens when you speak to people who are in Higher positions, people who make things happen, people who care about other people and people who don’t need a backhand to do what they were supposed to do.

In all of what I have been through these last couple of days, I must say that I have seen things that I would not have seen in any other situation.

All through my life, I have had the belief of going to the Top to sort out any matter, truth be told that this is worldly truth. Sometimes the sheep or the gatekeepers of any system who usually throw their weight around are nothing when it comes to dealing with people in POWER. I mean 2 full days of running around and stressed out, however after communication with Godly sent people everything was sorted in a matter of minutes. I mean the same people who gave me stick these past 2 days, saw me and directed me straight through, giving me Big smiles in the process. It also turned out that I was number one in line.

This all happened because I spoke to the right people.

Thank you to ALL those who made it possible for me to get my stuff sorted out.


Fighter Jets

One thing that gets my juices flowing is the speed, sounds, and engineering feat of fighter jets. I mean can you imagine flying at speeds of over 1000 miles per hour, that’s roughly anything between 1.1 to 1.6 mach. Crazy speeds I tell you. Had I made it past my first test years ago, I would’ve been flying fighter jets for the Royal Airforce in the UK, but as life has it. I didn’t make it. Nonetheless, my love and passion for these feats of engineering seem to amaze me over and over.

A quick browse in my local bookstore left me drooling over a fighter jet magazine. Tests were carried out on the F35 which showed crazy statistics. One thing that really caught my attention was the innovative helmet that these pilots wear. Wait for it…the price tag is around $400 thousand dollars. The features, however, are out of this world. I guess gamers and gaming geeks will truly appreciate something like this. Gone are the days where pilots had to browse through various screens to find out who is trying to shoot them out of the sky. The helmet has all the fancy dots, lines and features built or rather programmed into it. All the pilot has to do is pop the helmet on his head, close the black visor and bobs your uncle. No, not really, however, the pilot is able to view information of all approaching aircraft, data pertaining to civilian aircraft or enemy threats are dotted in different colors. I`m sure the pilot is able to see who is having what for lunch on a commercial aircraft. The features are really out of this world. I guess if you are flying at those kinds of speeds, as many quick updates are needed as possible.

Cheers for now…

Excited Nomad

One week into the new year and things are beginning to fall into place! I’m super excited about the next leg of my journey. A journey that I intended on taking roughly three years ago, but as life goes, it just did not happen the way I wanted it to. Nonetheless, three years later and I have come to learn an abundance of lessons, and to be honest I think I am now more than ready to leave and jump on the bandwagon.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a blessing to touch down on home soil, but I am now ready to move on. I know it will be sad to leave behind my family, but as hard as it will be, I just have to go out and seek greener pastures.

As an ambitious individual, at times we need to uproot ourselves and take refuge in a foreign land, in order to create new opportunities for ourselves. It’s been great to be in South Africa but to be honest, I need more out of life, I need more adventure, I need to fulfill my craving for travel and adventure.

The good thing about this day and age we live in is that we can work just about anywhere on the planet. I mean if you’re smart enough then all you need is a bed to sleep on and a good wifi connection, well obviously the other basic necessities as well, but you get my point…


Lost in Transition

The people closest to us are the ones who eventually gives us the greatest chances of growth. I mean they know all your strengths and weaknesses, which buttons to press as and when it suits them, and finally, you are left like a betrayed rag doll. Wondering how you got to where you are.

Growth and changes needs to take place in our lives, no matter who betrays you or how life portrays various experiences. How else would we transition into a new phase or season of our lives?

Sometimes we keep repeating mistakes, especially if the activity involves some form of enjoyment, but then life has a way of teaching us what we need to know, be it that we like it or not.