Have an Awesome New Year!

As I reflect on this past year, wow what a year it has been. This has been one of my most challenging years ever. The most important thing is that I’ve pulled through. True grit, resilience, pushing through despite lacking funds, hardly having any support, people walking out of my life for various reasons, most of all is that I remained true to myself, my goals and my ambitions. A Big Thank You to those who showed me their true character. When someone puts a price on how much you have to pay for their friendship, then its time to kick that friendship to the kerb. Thank you to the few Gems who have always stayed true even when times got tough! True friendship has no price tag, real people show real love.

Today I’m thankful for life, family, friends, new opportunities, my blog marking exactly 3 years in the making. Grateful for the abundance of new opportunities coming my way in the New Year!

Grateful for the work that I have produced in the last 2 years, the new friends I have made and looking forward to publishing my next book in the first quarter of 2019.

Have an Awesome New Year!

All the best…


3 Years in the Making

Envy is a sign of admiration, Hate is the epiphany of destruction.

Three years in the making, what a journey my life and blog has been. Trying to figure out my life, my journey and my purpose has been something to really reflect back on. Life challenges us in ways we sometimes are unable to get our heads around.

Laughter, joy, pain, depression, confusion, an abundance of finances, a lack of funds to do the most basic things, above all the wisdom to know that everyone goes through life’s highs and lows. Every living soul experiences challenges.

Every level has its own devils, being down or being on top of the world, both has its challenges, it’s important to remain strong, keep your head up through the crap, rid yourself of negative people, be aware of those closest to you. Don’t listen to someone’s words, but rather watch their actions. People talk and promise the world, only those who match action with words should be trusted.

Choose your friends and company wisely, learn from your experiences, Challenge yourself, Love yourself, Love life, be grateful for each day you get another chance to live, to breath, to make a difference.

Pray, meditate, trust and believe that God, our creator, the universe, our forefathers and life itself will eventually give us the breakthroughs we so desperately need.

Peace and Love…

New Beginnings…

These past 2 years have challenged me on levels I sometimes find difficult to explain. Attempting to succeed on countless new ventures and failing in the process has helped strengthen my physical, mental and spiritual muscles. Lifes challenges has humbled me once again, life has provided me with the knowledge to rise higher than I have ever before risen. Being a fighter we too get tired, we too are challenged, at times it feels that we are rigorously or harshly challenged much more than the rest of the globe. However, we stand up each time we’re knocked down, we hit harder every time we rise, we ensure that life will not keep us licking the floor of the boxing ring for too long. Today I am grateful for the struggles and the tough times, I’m grateful that life continuously shows me, people who promise you the world, but deliver nothing but worthless actions, I’m grateful for the opportunity life has presented me with. I’m grateful that I can now move to the next level, I’m grateful for the wisdom that I have accumulated to carry me on this New journey I have begun….


Been a while since posting. Summer is here and that means that I`m enjoying writing outdoors most of the time. I have started an “out of the box” form of marketing for my ebook.

Simple but effective if you ask me, printed a couple of t-shirts and a couple of thousand flyers, got a team of volunteers together and Voila, dollars are rolling in.

Don’t forget to check out my ebook on amazon.com, the link is as follows https://amzn.to/2oXsJs1


Fruitful Weekend!

I am Grateful for the past weekend as it has been a fruitful one! Networking with new folks and volunteering at the Soweto Marathon in Johannesburg South Africa, what more could I have asked for.

A wise man once said that when the time is right, we will cross paths with the ones who will help us get to the next level.

A Big thank you to all the new people I have met this past weekend, you have all crossed my path at a crucial time on my journey. Many thanks, and I look forward to spending more time in your presence.

Murphy’s law

It’s strange how life is that no matter how many people we know or have around us, very seldom will one or two of those people be by your side when the going gets tough. Isn’t it strange that when you’re a nobody, busy laying the foundations of your life or career that nobody takes note, yet when you reach the top of the peak, everybody wants a piece of your success? Ain’t it strange that when you’re single that not many will pay interest, yet when you find love and are happy, then suddenly opportunities are thrown at you from all angles. I guess the same can be said about work and other areas of our lives. Deep thoughts…

This is my story

Today I attended yet another funeral, yet another soul has departed from this plane, yet another lesson learnt. Each time I pay my respects to someone who has passed on, it reminds me that my time will too come to pass, it reminds me to continue living life on my terms and doing what makes me Happy!

Today made me miss my late sister, it also brought back memories of those who shot and killed my father 19 years ago, today I was again reminded of the fact that I was not given the opportunity to attend my own fathers funeral, but all these thoughts also brought a smile on my face knowing that I have FORGIVEN. I have forgiven those who took my fathers life, I have forgiven those who have hurt my family and I have forgiven those who have hurt me deeply over the years.

My writing has really been a massive blessing, it has helped me to vent my emotions and express myself in words I would not have been able to do otherwise. My writing and my imaginative mind has helped create many stories and also helped me to view the world differently, to create worlds out of words and to be able to paint a picture in someone’s mind using the same words, Pure Bliss!

My time back on home soil has helped me heal so many levels of pain that I had ran away from for so many years. Sadness, pain and the loss of a parent has not been easy, being reminded every now and then how far I have come in life, makes me even more grateful for this gift and blessing called: Life.

What’s your story?