Adventure Awaits

As an unconventional adult, I often seek a way out of conventional living. Paying monthly bills, dealing with the mood swings of your neighbors, issues with the country’s power grid, which equates to a shortage of much needed electrical supply to get even the most basic chores completed. Life as a bogged down grownup is no longer fun. 

A time has arisen where one is in dire need for new adventure, roughing it up, not knowing where your next backpacking adventure would lead you to.

The clock ⏰ is ticking…

Pure bliss ✈️🏊‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️🏂🤹🏻‍♂️⛵️🚄🚡🛵🚢🏝🌋🔭

The Wounded Healer

You will never understand the challenges we undergo. You’ll never understand the constant spiritual attacks we face. You’ll never understand how much we pray behind closed doors. You’ll never understand the difficulties we endure throughout our lives. You’ll never understand how much we are misunderstood. You’ll never understand how people walk out of our lives, and cause us harm, when we have done them no wrong. You’ll never understand how much we have lost materially, yet gained spiritually. You’ll never understand that we always want the best for those close to us. You’ll never understand that remaining silent when others are raging, remaining silent when others try to belittle us or make fools of us, we are actually stronger than the situation or the bullying behavior others try to control us with. You’ll never understand that we are our only entourage and that scare tactics don’t make us bat an eyelid. You’ll never understand how many soldiers walk with us…One Love ❤️ “The wounded Healer”