The Transformation process we so often find ourselves having to deal with can be somewhat of a tedious task.  It is said that humans experience a major transformation every seven years. A renewal of your mind, your life purpose, the evolving of your soul to a higher level, and your general outlook on life gradually changes.

You begin questioning your existence, how far you’ve come, the challenges you have endured, and so often look back at the people who once were part of your life, but have now formed somewhat of a distant memory.

These past few days I have felt as if I have been breaking free from a cocoon, levelling up and shedding the old in order to make room for the new. I have often written about these changes over the years and felt this journey needed to be shared once again.

I am still getting to grips with the process of learning more about the new me. I wonder if I really am a new me or have I lived a similar existence in a past life, maybe this lifetime forms part of a handful of past lives, who knows.

It has definitely been a tumble dryer of a week. Mood swings followed by bursts of joy, followed by confusion, and finally a state of peace and calm.

Strange how life’s challenges and a bit of chaos every so often forces us to grow and become the calm and peaceful butterfly that life had predestined for us.

Happy to be floating on the clouds once again…


In recent months I have walked down the soul searching aisle and added some life altering decisions to my melting pot of honey. Having changed career hats and travelled to a fair few exotic countries, I always seem to find myself comparing life in general. I now seem to view myself and my opinions as a broken LP playing on a dusty gramophone somewhere in down town New Orleans.

My view of how my life has been panning out has made me realize the importance of being grateful for where I currently find myself physically, mentally and spiritually. As I take note of how the countries I once upon a time held onto for dear life are becoming somewhat of a distant memory, I continue to count my blessings and the Freedom I still have.

Being home has forced me to adjust to a slower pace of life, to surround myself with the people who matter and to work with the tools I currently have in my hands. All through life we find ourselves at a various pivotal points, both low and high. Each giving us a much needed lesson for the next pivotal point.

I`m Grateful for All the New people who have entered my life in recent months. Each bringing with them a bag filled to the brim with sweets, Love, support, new opportunities, experiences and above all, their Time.

Time, a precious commodity we so take for granted, yet within a split second our lives can be altered by a lighting fast event that takes us by surprise. Once we experience some form of loss, then only do we come to realisation how precious Time really is.

Use your Time wisely…